So you want to know a little about me, well I was born in Tampa Bay , Florida. April 1, 1980. I have moved several times to different cities, but I have always lived in Florida. From K-8th grade I went to a private all girls school. My parents still live in the same house that I grew up in, and I try to visit them as much as I can.

Ok now you want to know what made me make a web site and one that has NUDE pictures and mpegs of me ? Well I work in a bar in Ybor City which is a shopping, dining and entertainment district where the ancient art of premium hand-rolled cigar making lives on, I love a good cigar ! Well I make ok money as a bartender but a single girl can always use more so I looked at a few different way of making money, legally that is.

1. I could always work as a stripper in one of the strip clubs in Tampa, which (had) some of the best clubs around. Until the police started cracking down on them and I don't want to get arrested so this is out.
2. Get a sugardaddy... No I want to make it on my own.

Now you want to know about my sex preference's, fair.
You could say that I really took matters into my own hands sexually, when I was younger I was not really developed (I really sprouted up a lot lately)! When I saw my first X rated movie I was totally into it, the movie had a few scenes with girls having sex with girls, this turned me on. Seeing the movie made me want to try and hook up with another girl, I met this girl at a party and there was lust in the air and I ended up with her that night. She had a nice thin body and we ended up fooling around. We did everything two girls could do with each other and I really liked it, in fact I may try to get her to take a few pictures later on, who knows maybe some of me and her.

That's all for now, I will give you more each week : )